This project just came about. I thought let’s do something after work. In Hungary “after-work” is a new phenomenon. Flocking to bars with suits, and loosened ties is yet to take on Budapest. I still had a play with the idea and imagined what it could be like to spend time after a hard day’s work in our capital. The concept started with a few suits in bars and slowly got out of hand as I progressed. We work so much and so extreme hours, so how about a few relaxing moments as you take a look around. Welcome to my “after-work” exhibition!

I am very happy all the art below will stay in Buddha-bar Hotel as a permanent showcase for a very, very very loooong time. May be forever…

If you would like to purchase any of the works please contact me at or via my email below.

Reproductions can also be purchased here:

This article sums up what it was like to be at the opening reception.


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