DJ in BP // Absolut Weiler

Az Absolut Vodka támogatásával a budapesti Secret Room-ban rendeztük meg a DJ in BP kiállítást és fergeteges partit. Az eseményre Weiler Péter a témához illeszkedő képsorozat készített, amin igyekezett átadni a hely és az éjszaka hangulatát.

Endorsed by Absolut Vodka we held an exhibition and an amazing party called DJ in BP. The location was the really secret Secret Room. Peter Weiler made a mini series of works for the venue that reflected the ambiance of the place and the nightlife of Budapest.


As an artist I like to surround myself with good people and sharp colors. People who reflect in their movement, gestures, thoughts what life is. Colors that describe all this diversity in a fun and eye provoking way. Design and art for me go hand in hand. Design is the language where space, shapes and forms make up my visual style. Design is poetic and like a sound-blaster’s deep boom can also be powerful to rock you away. This language reflects on how I remember our past and present in Hungary, how I see the world changing as we age. Art is what confronts the norm and what the others wants you to obey. People with thoughts and a strong will to be free are my heroes. Often they are weak and uneasy but have a grace that radiates.

My style is clean where the human is in the center of the canvas with a story to tell. I do most of my work with digital tools, like a DJ who creates music on the computer. The bits and bytes all make up original pieces and I share the idea that electric is sexy 🙂


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August 10, 2017